Super Bowl 50

Today is the great day! On this fine Sunday Feb. 7th 2016, the U.S.A. will enjoy the Super Bowl Game. Who is playing? who is going to win? How cool is the half time show going to be?

Super Bowl 50 - Broncos vs. Panthers

Can I let you in to a secret? I'm not a big football fan. But there's something about big sporting events that really get me excited. So, today is the Super Bowl 50 - a sport event that will have most part of the U.S.A. paralyzed in front of the TV screens and, like I mentioned before, I'm excited about it.

Today we have 2 teams: the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. As a football rookie, I'm not quite sure how well these teams are, although I've heard that the Denver Broncos are really awesome - and from what I've read, they're this year's favorite team. I guess I will do a bit of a research before tonight's game...

Can I tell you another secret? There's one big reason this event has me excited...

...and that is the Half Time Show!!!

Well, besides the Half Time Show, there's also the Pregame. On both times, I always try to watch them live and see what each artist has to offer. This year everyone is excited over Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem during the Pregame and the majority is crazy over British rock group Coldplay singing with Beyoncé and an appearance by singer Bruno Mars (I think he's such a cuttie). I've also heard that Gustavo Dudamel - a Venezuelan symphonic & orchestra conductor - will appear during Half Time Show along side with YOLA.

Knowing that Dudamel will be in this event makes me proud. It's just
awesome seeing young Venezuelan talent on U.S. events like this one...

Today's entertainment
So, if you had to tell a rookie like me who is going to win today, who would it be? Denver Broncos? Carolina Panthers? Why do you think your favorite team would win? Also, let me know if the Pregame & Half Time Show has you as excited as I am. I would love to learn more about football from great fans like you...


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