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Trust - a key tool

I must admit I've slack a bit on Church for some reasons; I don't need to explain that right now...
But lately I've been going to a Christian church called Church By The Glades here in South Florida and I have really enjoyed it. It's a bit different from your traditional Catholic church...well, different from any other church I've seen, for that matter.
One of the reasons I've been enjoying this Church is the fact that they always have guest speakers and pastors with motivational speeches. They are always related to the word of God and explained to today's everyday life.
This weekend's guest pastor was Pastor Mac Richard. From what I understood, he's an expert on relationships and all the tools needed for a great relationship between each other. He was talking about a very key detail inside all relationships: Trust. He mentioned that trust can be a great tool at your disposal.
Part of that trust is based on a person's integrity. Basically, from what…

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