Chavez fights...

It's kind of sad to see this kind of news, where such an indecent person wants so much power and wants to control the lives of an entire country. I know part of today's election is to diminish part of that power and control that Venezuela's so-called President (Hugo Chávez) has over the country, but I don't know how much will it be true. I must admit I wasn't able to vote because I wasn't able to change on time my registering options from my U.S. address to my current Venezuelan address and I'm sure that when people read this they will hate me for loosing a "vote." But sometimes I ask myself: should I really get excited for voting in such a corrupt system? is it really worth it?. I don't want to sound pesimist but all the times I've voted in the Venezuelan Embassy have ended up in awful results. It always ends up with the same results: Chávez and his people end up getting more power and control. There are many other issues I don't agree with...the Country not only needs a change in Politics but also a change within it's culture and society. I guess I'll write more about it in another post. Meanwhile, just read the following news article on the link below and tell me what you think:

Chavez fights to keep control in legislative vote - World news - Americas -


Leslie said…
Como estas elecciónes eran parlamentarias siempre creí que los venezolanos residentes afuera no podian participar y fue como una semana antes que me entere que si se podía, pregunté en el consulado de San Juan (Puerto Rico) pero obviamente ya era muy tarde. :-(
123 said…
hola Leslie, yo tampoco sabia q' la gente en el exterior podia enteré hace unos dias atrás. Yo hubiera votado aqui en Venezuela pero cuando fui a pedir el cambio pues me dijeron q' ya era muy tarde para votar en estas elecciones. Lo bueno es q' hubo un pequeño triunfo entre la Oposición...espero q' sigan esos pequeños triunfos para q' poco a poco el pais salga adelante.

Bye bye ;)

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