Another Goodbye given too fast

On September 4th 2014, Latin America lost a great rock legend: Gustavo Cerati. That same day, America lost a funny lady and great fashionista: Joan Rivers. Although she was already 81 years old, it's just a goodbye given too fast this week.

Joan Rivers
(June 8th, 1933 - Sept. 4th, 2014)

Not only was she a great presenter on E! Entertainment Channel but also a great actress and comedian. I must confess I loved her as "Dot Matrix" (or at least as her voice and personality) on Mel Brook's movie Spaceballs (1987).

How to describe her? Funny. Outgoing. Pioneer. Lovable. Charming. And these are just a few words because she showed such a great personality on TV and I think she had so much to offer still. Luckily, we have 60 years of her funny acts, movies, and such that we can watch over and over just to laugh and always remember her.

Anyways, I think this is how Joan Rivers must be arriving to Heaven....

A tribute to Joan Rivers on the newspaper The Newyorker

Rest in Peace, Fashion Police!


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