Looking for a Job

I know I normally post about my personal experiences in this blog, but this post is a bit different. I'm currently looking for a new job here in the USA, just like many people who were lay-off from their jobs recently. It's been 6 months already since I was lay-off from my last job and it's not easy finding a stable job. I've been working some temporary jobs lately in order to survive while I get a stable job. Some of the places where I have worked lately are Victoria's Secret during the holidays, Teleswitch for one week in March (one of my former employers), and Jumping Jelly Beans for a couple of weeks.

If any employer out there reads this blog, please help me out soon!!!

I'm currently located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, so any current job opening in South Florida can be great for me. Although I am willing to relocate to New York or Denver - relocation can be negotiable since I'm looking for new experiences. My ideal job would be inside Purchasing, Customer Service, or General Office Management.

I consider myself a dynamic individual with outstanding customer service provider with a Professional attitude and great communication skills. I'm able to multi-task and work in a highly fast paced environment. I consider myself a very responsible and reliable person, who enjoys work very much and is fun to work with. From previous jobs, I have gained much experience with sales, purchasing, logistics, marketing, clerical tasks, team management, Help Desk management, and customer service activities. I am bilingual - I speak, read and write fluently in both English and Spanish - with excellent communication skills and great computer knowledge. Some of my interests and hobbies are computers, blogging, reading, music appreciation, bicycling, working in a team, and learning as much as possible.

If there is anybody out there that might help me with a job, I would greatly appreciated if the leave me a comment or if they can e-mail me at leon_mary@hotmail.com (e-mail me at this address for serious jobs - no spam, please). I can send my résumé and reference as soon as possible and I can surely schedule an interview soon. If there are any employers out of South Florida that can offer me a job, I would like to schedule an interview over the phone or maybe schedule something ahead of time so I can have time to travel wherever you are located.


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