Movie Recommendation: Coco before Chanel (2009)

About 2 days ago, I went to a friend's house to hang out for a while. After hours of chit-chat, we decided to watch a movie. From the variety of movies she had home, I saw she had one that looked interesting and I had wanted to see. It was "Coco before Chanel" (2009) - a French film originally title Coco avant Chanel

Since I'm kind of in the mood for learning French, I told my friend we had to see it. Besides, I find some biography movies interesting.

Coco Chanel played by French actress Audrey Tautou

This story tells the life of Coco before becoming the Fashion Icon she is now. Her actual name was Gabrielle, but got the nickname of Coco for a song she used to sing in a French bar during her younger days.

She had a rough life: Coco and her sister lost their mother and then got abandoned by their father in an orphanage. During her early adulthood, she was a seamstress during the day and was a singer at night along with her sister. And, from what it seems, she wanted to pursue a singing/acting career but wasn't quite successful.

She had to suffer a bit during one of her love relationships, but that same relationship got her well-known in Upper French Society. She had another love interest, but he was to marry another girl. As she fell in love, her fashion business started to grow. Unfortunately, this love affair came to a stop since her lover died in a car accident.

Her business started by designing hats for ladies. Her ideas evolved and started doing clothing. As we all know, she became very successful with all of her clothing line.

I really recommend this movie. It gives a charismatic and soft side of such a rough life. Also, it has some great acting and awesome scenery. It's really a great movie!


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