It's May already!

Well, the month of May started today...

...and yes, May 1st is almost ending but it's not too late to celebrate
the arrival of this month.

Sunny day in South Florida
I've always seen this month as a nature oriented month. In the USA, the month of May is practically the middle part of Spring. It's a month with sunny days and sometimes nice, fresh breezes that make your day lovely.

As an example of this, today the weather was so awesome here in South Florida. During the early morning, it was sunny...there were clear skies and there was a nice, cold breeze passing by. The picture on the right was taken this morning around 8:15am at the Town of Davie.

It was a beautiful day throughout the day!

Well, besides loving this month for it's lovely weather, this is the month I celebrate my birthday. I'm officially counting down the days until the big celebration. And the awesome part is that it will take place during Memorial Day weekend. How sweet is that?


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