Quick Sunday Thought

Before this Sunday ends, I would like to write a few words. On this month of November, I've been doing a Thanks Quest due to the fact that we have Thanksgiving Day right around the corner. I've been giving thanks each day for something different in my life.

Having that in mind, I found the following quote which goes along with some of the things I've been thankful for lately:

Sunday Quote of the Day

As you can read in the image above, part of this quote reads: "Enjoy life in all possible ways". I do believe I have done so in my 35 years of living in this crazy World.

Part of what I have enjoyed in life is my family. We may have had some ups & downs, but I am grateful for having them. I'm grateful for experiencing events that have taught me strong values and have motivated me to be more humble but fearless against some of the odds.

Another life experience has been my time working with an Party Entertainment/Recreation company in Venezuela. I've learned many values and gain some tools which were used for my professional and personal growth. I highly enjoyed how I would laugh and feel prejudice-free as a child - this helped my heart & soul absorb just positive vibes. For this I give Thanks and feel happy that it's been a great way to experience life in a positive way.

There are many other life experiences I'm thankful for. They have given me more experience and, just like the quote above mentions, I've become more mature (and I could surely add that more tolerant and friendly).

How about you?


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