It's Christmas, everyone!

It's Christmas day, it's finally here. We celebrate the time when Jesus Christ was born...
And yes, there are many religious traditions that go on during this day, but I do see this special date in a different way.

Oh Christmas Tree! You are so lovely...

I see it as a time to look back on what you have done and be grateful for all the good times. It's ok to also review the not-so-good times because they are moments that we walked through and came out stronger than before.

This is also a time to give selflessly and receive according to your level of kindness. It's a little bit of Christmas Karma - you give out to the Universe and the Universe will give you back accordingly.

I see it as a time to really enjoy those you love & remember with great love those who are no longer by our side. It's a moment for great feelings & to set your mind away from material things that we really don't need.

For all these thoughts and much more, I give thanks! May the Lord bless everyone that reads these lines and hopefully everyone will be as grateful as I am.

It's Christmas, everyone! 


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