Twas the Day before Christmas Eve...

I must confess I've been a bit Grinch during this Holiday time. I've had this feeling since a very loved one past away many years ago, but I do pull myself together to enjoy some of the events this Season brings and honor the good times spent with those who are no longer with me.

But this year has been a bit different - not only because I've been embracing more than before with friends, coworkers, and some family members, but because I'm more open into changes and wanting to really enjoy the small, humble but meaningful moments this Season brings.

Part of these changes include how I embrace Christmas Eve (December 24th) tomorrow and here's a not so perfect poem that may describe what I feel:

Twas the day before Christmas Eve...It's December 23rd 2016, finding myself pondering on how to spend tomorrow's eve. 
I will be surrounded by my parents & sisters, along with nephews and some friends...But not forgetting all the extended family out there...
Those who are living and those who are long gone to another world.
All who I would love to hug & spend cheerful moments with also friends that come along...
Even though I plan to be in a party, my mind will be wondering...Flying to each place where those extra special family members & friends are,Leaving them some great positive vibes that into their hearts will be entering.
On Christmas Eve, besides eating some great treats, I will be creating new memories...With those really near meAnd honoring the great things that have come our wayWhile forgetting all miseries.
On this special night, I want to take a momentTo be honest with myself, list some things that should'nt bekeeping my mind open to positive componentsThat I need to embrace and practice every day.
These moments and much more positive ones...Will be part of my Christmas Eve.So please 2017, bare with me...I want to start with the right foot and no grieve.

These are my plans for Christmas Eve. Now my question is: how will you spend it? I look forward to seeing some inspiring comments.


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