Various Movie Recommendations

Lately I've been in a movie-rental frenzy hahahahaha. I've been renting movies almost every week. Most of them have been comedy, but there's been some musical and fantasy, too. Today I would like to talk about 2 of these movies...

The first movie is X-Men Days of Future Past (2014). I must admit I'm a big X-Men fanatic but I hadn't had a chance to see this film in the movie theater when it came out last year.

It's an awesome movie. It was great to see how many details on this movie got linked together with some of the previous X-Men movies. There's a lot of action and drama and a lot of mutant action. I really recommend this movie to all Sci-fi fans out there (even if you're not an X-Men fan).

For my next recommendation, I have to jump to a very opposite movie style: from Sci-fi action to a family musical. The next movie I recently saw was Annie (2014).

This is a remake of the movie originally made back in the 80's - Annie (1982). I must admit I loved the original movie, but this new version has a very cute and modern twist.

It's the same story of the little orphan girl looking for something better. It has the same musical numbers and everything. Obviously, we have a change of race & culture and a more modern and upbeat rhythm on the songs and musical scenes.

At the end, it has the same sweet vibe than the original movie. It keeps that same great, happy ending that a lot of sentimental people love to watch (I'm a very sentimental person hahahaha). I really loved this new version and I recommend it 100% since is a lovely and upbeat movie to watch with the whole family.

Well, this is it for now. I'll keep an eye on more movies and keep recommending once I love one. Just to let you know, not all movies recommended will be big Hollywood films. I also like to keep an eye on some Indie films and a lot of Foreign films (mostly on Spanish ones).

What good movie have you seen lately?
Please recommend one so everyone can enjoy it...


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