Movie Recommendation: Jurassic World (2015)

A few days ago I went to the movies with one of my sisters and my older nephew. We were in the need of watching something good and exciting especially, since we hadn´t been in a movie theater in a long time.

We went to see Jurassic World (2015) during its weekend movie premier. We were lucky to find some tickets because the theater was really packed.
Even though I wasn´t a huge fan of the original Jurassic Park trilogy, I was a bit excited to actually see this new movie. I think I did need a bit of a thrilling movie experience! And best of all, even though the theater was really packed, my sister, nephew, and I got some awesome seats right in the middle of the movie theater.

The beginning of the movie was a bit slow but entertaining. It kind of took the movie-goer right to the point of the story. It's not like the original Jurassic Park where the plot got you in suspense for a while. The rest of the story was really excitingly awesome. There was enough drama and suspense to keep you hooked into the story. I must admit that one cool part about this movie is that they related this new story line with the old Jurassic Park story.
The only thing that I didn't like was the tons of "In Your Face" publicity at the beginning of the film. For a moment I though the film was going to stop and I was going to see a Samsung, Verizon Wireless, and Mercedes Benz smash-up commercial (bit a touch of Starbucks and Jeep on the background).
In general, this was a great movie. Although it's a remake, it keeps you hooked into the story and you enjoy the suspense. You must go out and see it with your friends and family.
By the way, please make sure you leave your small kids home. Don't be one of those parents that they take their little ones so they can just be scared and cry throughout the whole movie, which happened when I went to see it...
Have you seen it? What did you think?


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