Blog Networking

Looking for better flow of ideas and better connections? As Bill Cosby says: "Social Networking helps reach people quicker and easier". So networking - any type of it, for that matter - definitely helps reach out connections (people) in an easier way and can quickly help the flow of ideas as communication develops during these networking sessions, specially on a social one.

This is something I experience recently...

People need to network in all levels. There is always a need to connect in order to socialize, to communicate & get ideas, and to have some sort of exposure (social or business wise). This is something I experience on Saturday July 8th - thanks to an invite by the Fort Lauderdale Bloggers group.

I had gone to many blog networking meetups before, but they had more of a social tendency instead of business or learning tendency. I admit they were awesome, met some great people which I kept in touch and have gain learning experiences in the long run.

But it had been a long time since these meetups took place...

This Fort Lauderdale chapter - part of The Blogger Union - holds monthly networking meetups. The one I attended was really great since I did meet key bloggers in the area, made some connections, and surely had some ideas pumped up in my mind.

Besides meetups, they also provide a great website with information for bloggers everywhere. Obviously they have great presence through social medias out there.

I look forward to more meetups. I do want to turn this blogging hobby into something greater. And something in my mind tells me that I will have great tools, flow of ideas, and fellow bloggers support to achieve a lot.

Cheers to blog networking!


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