Hope for Venezuela

On Sunday July 16th 2017, thousands of Venezuelan citizens went out to defend democracy trough a plebiscite organized by the Opposition. This was a massive assembly, celebrated all over the World. It was a highly organized and peaceful event, where Venezuelans from all corners of the World voted and expressed themselves to defend democracy.

Plebiscite July 16th 
As many of you may know, current Venezuelan President - Nicolás Maduro - along with all those who support the socialist movement in Venezuela (the so called Chavismo) proposed a National Constituent Assembly that could undermine Venezuela's democratic institutions. Basically diminished the little democracy still left in all institutions inside the country.

More than 7 million people voted on Sunday against this constituent. I has been one of the most massive movements in Venezuela's history. It was a very powerful way to hear the voices of a large percentage of Venezuelans that really wish an end to the Chavismo regimen and want a positive outcome afterwards.

When I went to vote on Sunday, I felt very proud of the thousands of people waiting in line to cast their votes. It took me practically an hour to vote, but I was glad and hopeful that this event would make an impact. And in the past few days, some high political figures around the American Continent have spoken in favor of the message sent out on Sunday: we want democracy and a bright future for Venezuela - the Chavismo regimen must go away. One example of this solidarity comes from the US Government, where many have stated that there could be strong economic actions against Venezuela if the Government there proceeds with their decision.

Strong actions may come and pass through Venezuela during this week. Many are hopeful that things are going to change soon. Let's just wait and see...never lose hope for Venezuela!


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