Hope for Venezuela: helping hands...

In the mist of all the crazy protest going down in Venezuela and all the political back & forth issues, there are others who still want to lend a helping hand. There are many out there that want to see peace and safety in Venezuela.

VOICES FOR VENEZUELA organized by Cox Media Group
 Two days ago (Monday July 17th), there was a very humble and very heart-warming event called Voices for Venezuela - here in South Florida. It was an awesome initiative taken by one of my favorite radio stations Hits 97.3 FM and Cox Media Group.

It was an afternoon where many Venezuelans and people from many other nationalities gathered up to donate food and medicines. They had raffles, games for kids, food, great music, and even some Zumba with a Venezuelan twist. At the end of the afternoon, there was a great candle-light vigil. A moment to pray for Venezuela and all of those who have suffer. A moment where all goodness gathered up in order to send some positive vibes to all Venezuelans down there.

I really wish there are more events like this one. We need to create awareness of the situation down in Venezuela and the many ways we can all help out. I greatly appreciate the Cox Media Group family for sponsoring this event and may they bring much hope for Venezuela through some great helping hands...

Thank you everyone! Loved meeting some of my favorite Radio
personalities from Hits 97.3 FM


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