Quote of the Day

In a way, I do identify myself with this quote. My life is not perfect...it's not a pretty sight...but I do try to make the best of it. Try to turn bad situations into a learning experience and be grateful about it. Take all the good situations and be happy I went through them. Life is not perfect, but still you have to be happy and grateful each day since you are living the moment and not dying away in sorrow.

By the way, this quote was taken from Unconditional Love.


crazy_chords said…
The quote contains a good guide to life. Thank you for sharing it!

Here's a prose poem you will appreciate. It is one of my personal favourites:

123 said…
Hello Crazy_chords...welcome to my blog!!! I'll check out the poem you're telling me about. I might even share it soon. Thanks for sharing and commenting...and I hope you always come back to do so.

Bye bye ;)
crazy_chords said…
I think you'll enjoy it. It is a simple, but beautiful piece of writing :)


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