One more year...

I was checking out some old posts and saw one from last year titled SMELLS LIKE 17YRS. LATER... and made me realize that 2 days ago conmemorated one more year since Kurt Cobain passed away.

I really can't believe it's been 18 years already. And that makes me wonder: is time really flying so quickly? And worst of all, it made me think I'm getting very very very old. Being in my 30-somethings is not easy, specially when you remember such an awful day like the one you live when one of your teen idols dies.

If he would have been alive, he would have been 45 years old. I'm sure he would have been making more music...something like a never-ending career making music and maybe managing his daugther into a great music career. Who knows what great things Kurt could have done if he hadn't committed suicide.

Well, just like I said last year, nothing is the same since you left, Kurt Cobain, but your music still lives on. It's been a very long time but in my mind is still smells like teen spirit on this side of the world...


Lycette Scott said…
OMG now that you mentioned, I think I'm getting older (I hope wiser too), although I was almost a teenager, he was my idol even after his death.
I can't believe so many years has pass already.
123 said…'s been a long, long time since he passed away. He was my idol, too.

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