Still Cobain after 20 years

Today, April 20th 2014, marks 20 years since the singer Kurt Cobain died. It's really weird that all those years have passed by since then. Although, he's been very much alive through his many great Nirvana songs. Not only do people who lived through the '90s remember him and keep him alive through musical memory but new generations are getting to know his music and pretty much following in love with it. For example, about 2 months ago, some of my young english students (about 13 years old each one) made an english group presentation quoting Cobain and analizing what he had said. At the end of their presentation, they told me they had heard Nirvana and simply fell in love with Kurt's voice. They were going to be new fans...

What would Kurt be doing if he were still alive? I had made myself the same questions about 2 years ago in another post I wrote about him. Back then I thought he would still be making music and probably managing his daughter's music career. But nowadays, I think he would have been making collaborations with some fellow rockers - maybe...probably...perhaps with The Foo Fighters.

Hey! Well, who knows what would really had been like if he were still alive??? One can only guess and wished a day like today (but 20 years ago) wouldn't have had a tragic moment like Kurt's death.

What would you think it would be like if Kurt was still alive?


crazy_chords said…
He'd still be slamming on his guitar and singing his pain.

R.I.P. Kurt Cobain
123 said…
Yeah Crazy Chords I think he would be doing that, too. Thanks for your comment ;)

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