Weekend of Independence Celebration

This weekend many in Venezuela and in the USA celebrated on their own way. This is because both countries were celebrating their Independence Day. On Friday 4th of July, the USA celebrated in many ways. On this date, people celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776 - this was a document which secured autonomy from Great Britain.

Google Doodle in honor of this date

By the way, I just love this Google Doodle commemorating the 4th of July. I think it's just so cute and representative.
Yesterday, saturday 5th of July, it was Venezuela's turn to celebrate its Independence. On this day, people commemorated its Declaration of Independence which was gained on July 5th, 1811 and made Venezuela a free country like other countries that were ruled by Spain.

Google Doodle in honor of Venezuela's independence day

Eventhough Venezuela has many years being free and independent from one political view given by outsiders, many would disagree with this statement. One can question this idea due to the many negative situations people have been going through lately. On my way of seeing things, the country is not living a good situation and I'm really hoping for really great solutions that may include better education and cultural optimization.


La Hija de Zeus said…
Nunca pensé que estaríamos tan mal. Nada más hay que ver La escasez y la inseguridad , con que vivimos.
Marole said…
Es así, mi amiga Zeucita. Por eso somos un país que no esta libre ni independiente porque dependemos de lo poco que saca el Gobierno y prisioneros de nuestras casas ya que ni provoca salir por la inseguridad.

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