Recomendación Virtual

I've been looking into reading some healthy websites and environmental friendly sites. I've been a bit curious for a while but it's been a bit stronger ever since I attended the 1ER PICNIC URBANO here in my hometown.

I think part of my curiosity is because I've been trying to loose some weight in a healthy way. Lately, I've been exercising a bit and trying to get back to my spinning routine. Also, I've been wanting to take some Yoga or Pilates classes since I do have some back problems and seen some articles and videos that talk about the benefits of yoga/pilates for the back and healthy body as a whole. And in regards to the environment, I must confess I'm not 100% into it, but something inside of me tells me I should be more informed and get a bit more involved. Maybe do something small that might help in the long run.

Taking all this into consideration, I started looking into some websites. And I must confess I got very excited with a friend's website. The website is called Pan y Vinito and it shows many interesting things related to healthy living and some environment-friendly tips. This is the virtual recommendation I want to make today, since it's a very interesting site...

This site is run by Lina and Denis, two very cool vegans that enjoy their healthy lifestyle. It's basically a website offering tips on this vegan style of life, many environmental friendly tips, and (one of the best parts) their tips on yoga. Of course, they also offer their services at affordable prices when it comes to yoga classes (given by Lina) and other classes that help you go towards a healthier life.

Yoga classes by the beach given by Lina
Many of the food-related tips they offer are vegan. I don't know if I can go all the way vegan but I can surely try to adjust my diet with some of the tips they offer. Besides, here in Venezuela is kind of hard to find a supermarket that might sell all the ingredients for this type of recipes. And well, in regards to the exercise, I might not be able to do one of Lina's yoga class for now but I would surely try to koin once I'm back to Florida. In regards to the environmental tips they offer, I would surely learn a few things I could put into action in my everyday life.

So people out there, specially the ones in Florida, I do recommend this great website. I hope you visit Pan y Vinito and enjoy it as much as I have done so.



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